Friday, June 24, 2011

VETSENS-P04 veterinary pulse oximeter with excellent pickup

Some more VETSENS-P04 pulse oximeters have arrived, and we noticed these pulse oximeters have excellent pickup. The VETSENS-P04 comes with two probes - one probe with a long clip for larger animals and another probe with a short clip for smaller animals. The smaller clip (with sleeves removed) can pick up a pulse rate easily on an ear lobe so it should work well on small animals.

Some other features are:
- Trend logging
- auto power off
- optional remote program with USB cable
- metal stand
- rubber side grips
- durable tactile buttons
- an overall professional finish
- two ranges of pulse rate 25-200 & 120-410bpm.
- PI (perfusion index) which indicates the strength of a pulse signal

The VETSENS-P04 is around twice the price of a VETSENS-P02 but with the all extra features, it is excellent value.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Easybeat Temperature Meter Explained

The Easybeat veterinary monitor performs seven functions. One of these functions is a temperature meter which is displayed regularly in the middle display. The temperature sensor used is a standard YSI400 medical temperature sensor used in most multi-parameter monitors. The temperature is displayed accurate to 0.1 degree C from 32.0C to 42.0C. To calibrate the temperature, a temperature calibrator or calibration plugs are needed. Press and hold the far left SET switch on power up. Note that the 5.7 displayed on startup is the current firmware version, and v5.7 is the latest version.

The display will show 32C= 609 (or a similar number). Select the 32C plug or set the temperature calibrator to 32C, and press the SET button to save the 32C calibration. The display will then show 42C= 114 (or a similar number). Press the SET Button again to save the 42C calibration.

The temperature calibration plugs and temperature calibrator are available now from Vetsens - see the lower part of the Spare Parts page.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Combined NIBP/SpO2 monitor

Here is a new monitor which combines the SpO2 and NIBP functions in one unit. The cuffs are neonatal and infant which are the smallest sizes available and should be suitable for most cats and dogs. The SpO2 pulse oximeter probe plugs into the mini USB port and displays a waveform along with the oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The unit runs from 4 AA batteries and also has a plug to power it from a 6V DC plugpack which has not yet been tested.