Thursday, May 22, 2014


In early January, Vetsens moved to a new pulse oximeter. Unfortunately, the small white pulse oximeter developed an issue with the display where the display would fade after two to three years of use. There was no way of knowing this until it happened and the manufacturer was not that helpful or forthcoming with information about this issue. After half a dozen emails, a faulty unit was sent back and after a long time the manufacture replied that this was normal and did Vetsens want to buy more stock to replace the old stock!! Electronic equipment is usually rated for ten years of continuous use and while failures do and will occur, generally electronics should last much longer.

The fix was to supply a new pulse oximeter and give existing customers a rebate on upgrade. Since the new pulse oximeter had to be purchased at a much higher price and the Australian customs and duties dept took their slice, the maximum rebate that could reasonably be offered was a 25% discount, Not all vets took up this offer but most did - some without even any complaining. Most vets did complain and we fully understand this annoying inconvenience and extra cost.

On the bright side, the new pulse oximeter is doing extremely well. There was one return but no fault was found and the unit was returned under the no-cost warranty agreement.

Also, the multi-parameter monitor is doing well with  a handful of vets now using this unit. The ETCO2 option is expensive but is around half the price of a comparable unit. Please email us at for a pricelist.

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